2022 Website Trends

by | Apr 18, 2022

​​2022 is here. Is your website ready? 

As more and more of our daily life has been pushed online in the last two years, website development and design has vastly evolved. At SimplyBuilt, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve so we can work with you to create a website that is both ready for the changing times and a great reflection of your brand and business. 

At the end of each year, we look forward and pick some of our favorite website trends to start watching so we can implement them into our clients’ websites. Here are five of the website design and development trends we are watching for 2022.  

One Page Websites

As our name suggests, we aim to keep things simple with our websites. We love one-page websites and use them to support clients on a regular basis. They are easy for customers to navigate, simple for business owners to edit, and endlessly customizable. 

In 2022 this trend isn’t going away. Websites that are as simplistic as a flyer or a poster are going to become even more present in our daily virtual lives. The art of keeping content informative and concise will be key. 

Leaning into well placed creative to convey your brand will help make your one-page website stand out and ensure that potential and current customers have a great experience with your brand. 

Oversized Typography

More of a design trend than a functionality trend, oversized type is going to be big in 2022. It makes your website graphically stunning while also making a statement. As an added bonus, it makes things easy to read and helps you emphasize important details like your business name or your business values and mission statement. 

Large text can also help keep your site content minimal, forcing you to get to the point quickly and getting a better understanding of just what are the most important things about your brand. 


Accessibility is no longer a trendy buzzword; it is a vitally important part of your website. Alt-text, legible text, high contrast text, and avoiding any “text as image” is a good place to start.  

Better yet, it might be time to just overhaul your whole website and make sure it’s accessible. Sound daunting and time-consuming? It’s not and we can help! Give us a shout today and we can start you on the path of having an accessible website!

Prioritizing Website and Page Load Time

It should come as no surprise that people’s attention spans have not gotten longer in the last year. Making sure each page, and your website as a whole, loads quickly is key to keeping a customer’s attention. In fact, load time can have a direct impact on your bottom line. If a page takes too long, a customer will likely abandon the site.  

Load times are a huge priority at SimplyBuilt. We make sure everything works together to give visitors to your site the best possible experience. 

Thumb-Friendly Navigation

Sounds like we made this one up, doesn’t it? Rest assured this is a real and very pressing consideration for website design in 2022. You already likely know that mobile optimized websites are important. In fact, there’s a high chance you are viewing this blog on a mobile device. 

Have you thought about where your thumb is as you are scrolling? In 2022, you’ll want to consider how people interact with your mobile site. Can they easily navigate the site with just their thumb or do they have to use their other hand or strain to reach buttons?  

It seems like a silly and small thing to worry about, but it’s an easily addressed tweak that can make a night and day difference for the end user. 

At SimplyBuilt, we’re really looking forward to 2022 and we want to help you make your website better than ever! Reach out today so we can get started! 

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