Does Your Business Need a Blog?

by | Feb 5, 2021

It seems like almost every company or brand that has a website has a blog. It this overkill or is it something that is really needed for your company to be successful?

While it might seem like an unnecessary addition to your website, blogs are an important part of having a successful business. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a blog.

1. A blog builds credibility.

Blogs build credibility for your business. Writing about industry news and learnings or giving people useful information makes people more likely to use your company’s services. While it might seem like you are giving away industry secrets or encouraging people to “do it themselves” these articles and blogs actually lead to more people turning to your company when they need specific services.

For example, a landscaping company might publish some blogs like “what plants do best in the shade” and “how do I edge my garden beds.” At first glance, it looks like the company is helping customers not pay for their services, but what those blogs are actually do is driving new customers to the site and showcasing that the company knows what they are talking about.

2. A blog drives new people to your site

As mentioned above, blogs actually drive new customers to your site. By answering questions and providing people with good information and insight, you are ensuring that your site appears higher in the search results on search engines. More often than not, people turn to search engines to help them answer questions so they can work out a problem or complete a task themselves. If your site is the one that does that for them, not only do they have a positive first impression of you, they are now more likely to remember your business when they are dealing with a more complex problem or task that they cannot complete themselves.

3. A blog helps your company get better.

When you take the time to learn more about the industry you are in, the better you can serve your customers. A blog forces you to take time and do industry research, this leads to you learning more and being a better resource when clients and customers ask you questions or want to know more about a service.

Professional development like this is increasingly rare. If you can showcase that you are taking time to be better at your job, the more likely customers will trust you and want to use your services.

4. A blog helps your website SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of having a successful web presence. A blog ads more SEO keywords to your website and these keywords help your website appear higher and higher in the search results. Search engines like seeing that websites are being constantly updated and improved. The more data and insight a website can give the general public, the more search engines like it.

5. A blog gives you content for emails and social media

When you are regularly writing blogs, you are creating new content to share in emails or on social media. Blogs give you useful information to share with the people following you on social media or getting your emails. By giving customers something other than a sales pitch, you are building credibility with them.

Not everyone has the time to create a blog, that’s why the experts at SimplyBuilt have writers on staff who can write blogs for you. Contact us today so we can build a blog strategy for your business.

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