Simply Built vs Wix

by | Jul 25, 2021

Building out your own website can be a difficult task when you’re just starting out in your business as well. There are so many details that can easily be overlooked and the support system among popular site builders can be less than helpful.

Before you invest tons of time and money into alternate site builders like Wix, taking a moment to compare the way it will work for you is key! Simply Built and Wix have plenty in common but also plenty that sets them apart.

To be able to compare accurately, there are a few key metrics to look at: cost, ease of access, and support.


Simply Built

While other site builders may offer a free version to get started then leave you hanging when you need detailed help the most. Simply Built starts with a subscription price of $79 and with that low price you get all the bells, whistles, and support necessary to make your website stand out!

This is just a basic cost to start with and if more pages or detailed work are added, the cost will increase. You’ll never stumble into this blindly though as your dedicated Guide works with you to help create your page and give you information on what may cost more.


Wix bills themselves as an all-inclusive platform that will allow you to build almost anything through their free site. While you may be able to build anything basic like a blog or landing page, you won’t have the creativity needed to develop something that stand out in a crowd. The templates that are offered are much more limited and there is little support from the design team for your project.

As you change up your business, the price changes as well for Wix. Portfolio and online shopping sites have a cost to host them on Wix while blogs and other stationary sites fall under the free platform.

Ease of Access

Simply Built

While Wix and other platforms offer only a drag-and-drop option for building your site, Simply Built has made their information and development much more accessible. With the basic level on Simply Built, you have access not only to drag-and-drop options but also to a whole design team through your Guide!

Your Guide works with you to develop a plan that showcases your unique take on the world. While this is not the same as a web developer, they work with the entire design team at Simply Built to build something unique that you can’t get with just a drag-and-drop site.


The drag-and-drop method for building a website works and Wix uses it extensively! While Simply Built has options for working with a team to further design your site, Wix leaves the design decisions to you within the realm of their templates.

This makes Wix easy to use but limited in it’s design.


Simply Built

When it comes to a support system, Simply Built has one of the best! One of the first things that happens after you sign up for the service is pairing you up with a dedicated Guide. This is the bridge between you and the design team and they’re here for you whenever you have questions, changes, or other issues to discuss.

Your Guide spends time getting to know you and the goals of your site so they can better provide coverage and material for your mission. They offer suggestions about content, colors, and overall design to help you build something fantastic.


The accessibility of Wix as a drag-and-drop website builder is offset by the distance between you as the consumer and the team behind the hosting site. While there is a support team at Wix that will answer questions regarding their system, they’re not designed to be part of your team.


One of the first things you’ll need to do as you start to build your website is determine the type of website builder you want to utilize. Hiring a website builder yourself can end up being expensive and takes almost all of the control away from you. Sticking to a distant drag-and-drop site can leave you feeling helpless and alone. Splitting the difference with the options offered by Simply Built and the support system of the Guides and design team gives you control as well as support to build the best site possible!

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