Simply Built Vs. GoDaddy Website Builder

by | Aug 14, 2021

GoDaddy has made a name for themselves, and a splash in the advertising world, as a place to go to get the domain name you want for your site. To shore up their hold on websites, domains, and the way people build their company, GoDaddy has also been working as a website builder!

When you’re trying to create your company, a lot of effort needs to go into building a website yourself. Even using templates can be a challenge and extremely time consuming. Before you jump in with a website builder, it’s good to know the pros and cons especially about some key points including cost, user-friendliness, and overall design.



One of the great things about the GoDaddy website builder is that it does offer a free version as you’re just starting out. The cost increases as you add on more features but the free version offers a wide range of tools including email and social media marketing, PayPal payments, and customer support any time of day. This keeps your website basic but you can upgrade to add more features. The premium plan with GoDaddy starts at $6.99 per month and you can sell on a variety of platforms, sync orders and inventory, and develop your SEO.

Simply Built

While GoDaddy offers a very tempting starting price, there are severe limits to what the builder can do. You’ll need to keep everything within the confines of templates and if you want anything unique, you’ll end up hitting a wall. Simply Built offers a more customizable experience but you’ll end up paying for the privilege! Simply Built starts their price off at $79 per month and the possibilities are nearly endless. You’ll be connected with a Guide who will help make all the details and content line up to match your style, mission, and overall goals!



Drag-and-drop website builders are all the rage lately and using them is easy but may be more time-consuming than people think. GoDaddy has a wide range of templates for people to utilize and 24/7 support if you run into trouble. The main focus of the GoDaddy builder is for online stores so the templates are geared to this purpose. While it’s not impossible to build out a site without the focus being an online store, it’s definitely more difficult with the GoDaddy builder.

Simply Built

Whatever you dream, your Guide and the design team at Simply Built can make it happen! It may feel like this takes a certain amount of control out of your hands but your Guide is your dedicated ambassador to the design process. They take your suggestions and vision and make it happen on your website. Any changes that may cost extra, are brought to you for consideration so you’ll never run into it blindly.

Overall Design


The website builder for GoDaddy is sleek and modern and draws you in with it’s templates and design elements! But just like any template based website builder, there are limits to what can be done. You’ll also be stuck moving and placing elements if you feel the need to change things around which can hamper the time you spend out there, growing your business.

Simply Built

It may not have the flash and awe of GoDaddy’s website builder but the perks of working with Simply Built are hard to beat! One of the biggest perks to the overall design of the site is the help of your Guide who is dedicated to your page. This system design helps keep you on track and gives you a medium between you and the design team. Everything else for your site is custom made or pulled from the templates on file with the team so you’re website will be as unique as your business!


With a penchant for online stores, GoDaddy’s website builder is a sleek and modern take on the drag-and-drop design. By combining both custom and template designs, Simply Built has a higher starting cost but more options for your site to stand-out and stand the test of time!

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