Why You Need to Keep Website Content Fresh

by | Jan 9, 2020

When you visit a new store, do you go all the way in the back to the clearance bins first or do you stop and peruse the shiny, new items up front before you wander deeper into the store.

Stores want to draw you in with the new things first and then use their store footprint to draw you deeper and deeper into the store. They want to keep you shopping as long as possible and then keep you for a little longer with the promise of discovering a great deal in the clearance section.

Your website should operate like a well laid-out store. Your newest and best content should be at the front to draw people in and then you should keep them on your site viewing your tried and true products, content etc. You want to keep it fresh, but make sure you are mixing in your older content and/or products to showcase the best of your business.

Fresh Content is Good for Google

Why Do Website Changes Matter?

Google Pays Attention.

Google pretty much tracks everything now and your website is no exception. It determines the ranking of your website every second by considering changes made to the site. Their algorithm weighs the type of change, the amount of content that was changed, if a new page was added, if the change was something in the page copy or just a new comment, how often the page is being changed, how many backlinks a page has, and more.

You want to make sure that you have a good mix of pages that have been around for a while (and are being updated appropriately) and new pages with new content and information.

Regular, quality updates signal to Google that your page is well-maintained.

Your Users Pay Attention

Did you know that almost 96% of users that come to your website aren’t ready to buy yet? Usually they need to visit your site multiple times before they make their decision. The more fresh content they see, the more likely they are to get drawn in to purchase.

Regular updates to your website signal brand knowledge and good thought leadership which in turn drives customer trust. The more a customer trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Some Ways to Keep Your Website Fresh

Keeping your website content fresh is easier than you think. Here are some easy ideas that can lead to big pay offs.

  • Start a blog and add to it regularly
  • Monitor Your SEO and make sure it’s optimized
  • Conduct reviews of your site to determine regularly viewed pages and make sure to keep them fresh
  • Update and Republish older blog content
  • Optimize your high-traffic pages for conversion
  • Optimize your high conversion pages for traffic
  • Keep any calls to action fresh

This might all seem daunting, but don’t worry. Simply Built is here to help. We offer unlimited content editing and can help you identify opportunities to make your website work better for you. Don’t have the time? We can help with that too! Our skilled team can do everything from write blog content and help you get more traffic to your pages to running regular website audits on SEO to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Get started today.

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