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by | May 4, 2021

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Creating your website in our increasingly digital world is a crucial point of contact for any business, large or small. This is your customer’s first impression of your business and whether they decide to connect with you or not is made with this site.

That’s a lot of pressure for someone who’s already thinking of a million other little details!

The Guides

Building your website means building your team to get your dream off the ground. When you join the team at Simply Built, you’ll be matched up with a Guide!
Guides are your guardian angel, your coach in the corner, and the person who will take your ideas to fruition. By understanding both sides of the project, the ideas of you and your team and the needs of the designers, Guides at Simply Built fight for your ideas and work to build the site of your dreams.

The Process

The first thing your Guide will do is talk through all the little details that make a website stand out. The colors, fonts, block designs, and content ideas are all on the table at this stage.

Your ideas, themes, and overall design go from this first meeting to the design team. While you continue building your business, creating all that great content, or dreaming and designing your own products, your Guide is hard at work representing you and your business as your website comes together.
Once all the details of your site are in place, your Guide collects and implements your content.

Everything from articles and blog posts, to pictures and pricing comes directly from you. Your Guide is there to represent you in the website design and as you collaborate with them, they may offer some advice for your content. While you won’t need to worry about building your site from scratch, you will
need to provide this content to fill the site once it’s done!

After the content is in place there’s no limit to the changes you and your Guide can make to your words! When it comes to structural changes like adding or deleting a page or completely redesigning an existing page, there may be an extra cost. You’ll never stumble into this blindly though. Your Guide will help shepherd you through the process and let you know when things have gone beyond the realm of quick content changes.

And just like that, you’ve got a brand new, built to order website for your small business or company! All the bells and whistles represent you and your image, and you have your guide to thank for it all. Having one person to talk you through each change and represent you during design is crucial to creating the website that your business needs.

As a small business, it can feel like you’re going it alone, but there’s no need. There’s a whole team of people out there, including the Simply Built Guides, just waiting to come alongside you and make your dream a reality!

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