Why You Need to Backup Your Website

by | Sep 28, 2020

Is your website backed up?

While it seems like a basic question and seemingly unimportant in the scope of your greater business it’s something that you want to be sure is happening regularly. Imagine preparing for a big meeting, going to your site and seeing that it’s gone. How are you going to get it back? What are the next steps?

This is why you need to make sure your site is backed up. 

What is a Website Backup?

A website backup is a great insurance policy to ensure that you can keep running business as usual in the event of the nightmare scenario described above. Ideally, you are backing up all your website files to keep your site safe and secure.

Wondering why? Here are five reasons why you should be backing up your website.

1. Accidents Can Happen

While usually rare, people can make mistakes when they are editing and changing a website. Someone could click the wrong button or change some code and then all of the sudden, your site is broken, or it’s gone entirely. If you don’t have the latest copy of your web site files saved, you’ll have to start the whole site from scratch.

Most website hosting providers do not do regular backups of your site unless you are paying for it. This can make the cost and/or labor of getting your site back astronomical and usually that’s not a line item in the budget.

2. You Could Get Hacked

More and more companies are getting hacked nowadays. Even some of the biggest companies find their website files and customer databases hacked. Your business is not immune to these hackers. Over 60 percent of small businesses face a website hack within their first six months of operating.

Make sure that you are regularly backing up, updating and keeping your site secure. Keeping your site malware and hacker free is key to a stress free website experience.

3. Servers Crash

Control, Alt, Delete. Command Z. Spinning beachball of death. Blue screen.

Computer servers crash all the time. Sometimes because they are old. Sometimes because they missed an update. Sometimes because they are overloaded.

But you don’t have to be a victim of your server crashing and losing your site. Multiple backups of your site files can ensure that you are safe even in the case that your server tanks.

Make sure to name your backups with dates so you know what the most recent files are and save in multiple locations including the Cloud so you can access them from any device.

4. Updates Can Glitch

Sometimes when you update your site files or plugins, things go wrong. If your website is backed up regularly, you can just go back to the last update and restore the site. This will prevent lots of stress.

Including lost sales and calls from the boss.

5. Missed Payments

Ever received an email about missed payments? Happens all the time. Sometimes this can happen with your hosting provider and they can end up deleting your site. Backups ensure that you can fix the site and the billing issue in the same motion without having to pay exorbitant site restoring costs.

At SimplyBuilt, we know how important backing up your site is so we include it with all our packages. Not sure if your current site is backed up? Contact us today for a consultation! 

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